“Time is our most precious asset. Every moment presents a turning point, offering lessons and opportunities for growth. We balance the art of creativity with the logic of strategy. In business, waiting for perfection often leads to missed opportunities, and nothing is achieved in the comfort zone. The key is to act now, embrace the present, and make the most of the time we have.


Ucheed’s story begins with founder Charbel Imad’s dream of building a successful business. He started by offering affordable web development tools for young professionals.
Ucheed recognized a market gap for creative web design solutions despite the prevalence of functional website builder platforms. This insight led the company to strategically evolve from offering basic web development tools to becoming a full-service digital agency in 2018.
The name “Ucheed” – a.k.a. يشيد – carries profound significance, translating to “to build” in Arabic, perfectly encapsulating Charbel’s visionary outlook for the agency. Ucheed goes beyond building websites. We focus on creating a unique and user-friendly online experience for your brand through a blend of creativity and technical expertise. Our client-centered approach empowers businesses to achieve their digital goals in today’s competitive landscape. Ucheed offers a wide range of services including web design, software development, mobile apps, digital marketing strategies, and branding, all delivered by a team dedicated to building strong client relationships and exceptional results.
Ucheed started with founder Charbel Imad’s dream to empower young professionals with web development tools. Recognizing a need for creative design, Ucheed transformed in 2018 from offering basic tools to a full-service digital agency. True to its name (Ucheed means “to build” in Arabic), Ucheed builds more than websites – they craft user-friendly online experiences with a focus on client success. Their services include web design, app development, marketing, and branding, all delivered by a team passionate about building strong relationships and achieving exceptional results.

Mission Vision

Mission Vision 1

Our mission at Ucheed is to craft the digital architecture of your dreams. We are dedicated to transforming your digital goals into reality by delivering innovative solutions that empower your success.

Our vision is to be the symbol of digital excellence, one digit at a time.


At Ucheed, we are the catalysts of digital transformation. We specialize in harnessing the power of digital presence to create innovative solutions that drive success for businesses.

With a dynamic team of experts, Ucheed is your partner in shaping a brighter, more efficient future. Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities.


Our Methodology 1

Ucheed’s methodology revolves around the sculpting and mining of raw stones , transforming them into construction-ready materials.

This technique ensure the resulting materials meets the necessary standards for professional applications.


  • Meet & Greet: Discuss your goals and target audience.
  • Draft & Propose: Research your needs and propose a plan with a quote.
  • Design & Build: Build your project with clear deadlines and communication.
  • Test & Launch: Test everything and launch your project.


Why Choose Us
  • Partners in Success: They go beyond just being an agency and focus on comprehensive brand development, acting as an extension of your team.
  • Digital A to Z: They offer a full range of services, from design and development to digital marketing strategies, for a one-stop shop solution.
  • Client Focused: They value client relationships and are committed to exceeding expectations and delivering results.
  • Fast & Reliable: They prioritize customer satisfaction with efficient, professional service.
  • Experienced Team: Their team has the expertise to translate your business goals into successful digital solutions.